PIMS Launch Dubai

PIMS, co-founded by Artur Shusteriovas and Gleb Golubev in 2018, is more than just a tea brand—it’s a journey of the senses. After two years of relentless exploration, PIMS introduces an extraordinary beverage concept with over 20 distinctive tea combinations, complemented by the exclusive PIMS Cream.

Established across 30 locations primarily in Russia and Dubai, with 30 more in development in Qatar, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, PIMS is also planning to launch in Spain, the UK, Greece, China, the USA, Cyprus, and Armenia.

Gleb Golubev, PIMS’s Founder, emphasizes its role as a catalyst for discovery and inspiration, redefining taste perceptions with over 20 combinations of fermented tea, fresh fruits, and various toppings, all enhanced by the secret ingredient, PIMS Cream.

At its core, PIMS fosters a vibrant community of dreamers, artists, and freethinkers, sparking creativity and exploration one cup at a time.

Utilizing a unique beverage production process and an original cream recipe, PIMS sets itself apart, offering an exclusive experience to enthusiasts.

Operating in JBR, PIMS hosts events and collaborations with brands like TopStretching and Electra Bike, solidifying its position as a hub for innovation and creative exchange.
PIMS disrupts norms by infusing gastronomy with virality, presenting pastries in bold, creative styles that captivate and generate user-generated content.

Recognized for its energizing fermented teas, PIMS has garnered a loyal following worldwide, committed to using real milk, genuine fermented tea, and organic ingredients.

Inspired by the overwhelming demand from Arab patrons in Moscow, PIMS expanded to Dubai, aiming to offer an immersive experience that exceeds expectations. PIMS Tea aims to build trust by offering an immersive encounter, encouraging individuals to explore new flavors and be part of a vibrant, welcoming community.


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